Play Pai Gow Poker for Fun

Brief about Pai Gow poker game

Pai Gow poker game is a funny game which has low intensity and is interesting for the people who go to casino just for fun. With only marginal amount money the gamblers can play the game for a prolonged time. A single hand may last for a prolonged time here that is the basic advantage of this game. Moreover winning the game as well as getting the money back is a common phenomenon here. It is easy to leart how to play the game at free casinos.

How it is played?

Pai Gow poker game runs through a system where the players are to fight against the dealer. Total 53 cards are used here where a joker and the other 52 cards are included. The players then get seven cards and he is to form two hand card and five hand card.


Ranking style

Considering standard poker rules it is doing rank five card hand. Two card hands also adopt standard rules which compare with other hand. Bearing AA card holder is the best whereas 23 card holders is the worst. During the formation of hand two card hands is weaker than five card hand.

Rules and regulations

On the basis of the casino rule dealer's hands are made or it is made by the house. After forming all the hands, there makes a comparison between the dealer hand and the player hand. When the players point will be more than the dealers point on that time the player will win. On the contrary if the dealers point becomes more than the players point the dealer will win. When one wins and other loses on that time on hand is pushed and the player finally wins the bet. When the player has a winning hand and other ties with the dealer on that time the player loses.

Learn it and start playing

As an easy game you can learn it so easily. By rolling a small amount of currency you can get advantages to play a lot of time. This advantage is important for the frugal players and others to play. After a deep frustration Pai Gow poker game will give pace to your work. It can be expected that this Pai Gow poker game is really an interesting game for getting fun and we hope that you will share this information with many people.

You may start your experience in Pai Gow Poker in the one of Las Vegas Casinos. This is a good choice for you to try yourself in this kind of poker.

Free games

Playing at online casino do not hesitate to try something new since such casinos are often ready to offer you some samples of different games for you to gain more experience and to enjoy.



Before you start playing your favorite casino game we`d suggest you to get familiar with different tips concerning strategies and rules.