Journey to Know how to Play Baccarat

A little about baccarat

Learning how to play baccarat is really easy. Baccarat is really a simple game which you can bet in three types. These are player bet, tie and banker bet. Although this game is simple in nature, there are some strict rules and regulations for playing this game and here the players are not given permission to choose from various options. Actually, the same may be applied to craps, for instance.baccarat_hall

Systems of playing

As a community game the baccarat is played by the same hand of the players. To some extent it is given permission to the players to use second hand but most of the time the players are to use one hand to play which nails down the betting option of the players. In some cases the dealers of the casino conduct the game and only betting is done by the players. Reaching the 9 point is the main objective of this game.

Rules and regulations

You have to know how to play baccarat and for every hand get only three cards but it is strictly prohibited to use fourth card. These cards contain their own value. One point is counted on behalf of ace, another cards have different values up to nine. Face cards and Tens are considered as zero points.

Counting up the points

After the end of the round it is counted up the points as well as it is determined the hand value. When the points exceeds 9 on that time it is ignored the first digit. When it exceeds 10 on that time 10 is subtracted from it, if it exceeds 20 on that time 20 is subtracted from it. For example a hand has five/nine/seven on that time 5 9 7=21, by subtracting by 20 the value will be 1.

Description for playing baccarat

For playing baccarat game it is used a special table which is like craps table at online casino. It can accommodate 12-14 players at a time. Three dealers manage the table. Among three dealers the two dealers manage the gamblers whereas the third manages the whole game. You have right to place your bet either banker hand or to the player hand. You would pay 5% commission. In the ratio of 8:1 are paid against a tie bet. When the bet is made the dealer allots two cards for himself and the other one is for the player. The dealer can declare "the card of player" that means player should take a card or may declare "the card of banker" that means the banker must take a card.

In certain cases it is dealt with the third card According to the Baccarat rules. Who has the higher point, he will win. If the player can get 8 or 9 point as total point, he will win.

Free games

Playing at online casino do not hesitate to try something new since such casinos are often ready to offer you some samples of different games for you to gain more experience and to enjoy.



Before you start playing your favorite casino game we`d suggest you to get familiar with different tips concerning strategies and rules.